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Fri Aug 13 19:34:57 CEST 2010

On 2010-08-13 12:40, Srikanth N wrote:
> *1. How do we execute CGI Scripts in Windows?
> *
You'll need a web server.

> *2. How do i configure the Server?(If i use WAMP,XAMPP)
> *
For CGI, you just need your server configured for CGI, nothing
Python-specific. It would surprise me if XAMPP didn't set up a working
cgi-bin for your programming pleasure anyway.

> *3. Is mod_python required for python cgi?
> *
No. mod_python is a completely different approach to running Python from
the web. Don't use it, it's dead. If you want something similar, use
Come to think of it, you should probably look into WSGI anyway -- you
can run WSGI scripts via CGI for the time being, that's simple enough,
and switch to something else for production, or for serious development,
later on.

> Someone Please revert back to me with the solution for the same.I
> would be at-most thankful
This line is fascinating,
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