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On Fri, Aug 13, 2010 at 4:37 PM, Stephen Hansen
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> Howdy-ho.
> So, I'm working on a project which embeds Python into a bigger system to
> provide extensibility. In this project, there's basically two types of
> people who will be entering python code.
> The trusted folks, who write code which are in files, and which can do
> anything.
> The untrusted folks, who are writing very simple chunks of code which
> can only do limited things.
> This latter group we want to sandbox as good as possible. Now, I know
> that its not possible to perfectly sandbox Python, and I know certain
> things will never be perfectly safe (like someone doing some crazy [0] *
> 100000 * 100000 and similar things). That's OK.
> For this sandbox, we're killing import, execfile, open, eval, reload in
> __builtin__. This all works well. However in previous discussions, I
> learned about:
>>>> [b for b in
> (1).__class__.__bases__[0].__class__.__subclasses__((1).__class__.__bases__[0])
> if b.__name__ == 'file'][0]('../blahblah', 'w').write("Hi!")
>>>> ^D
> ixokai$ more ../blahblah
> Hi!
> And things like that. (The above may not be the most efficient way to do
> it). So, I had an idea: why not just do some simple sanitization. When
> input comes in, just directly replace __ with DISALLOWED, and add
> getattr/setattr/delattr to the mix of things we kill out of builtins.
> This second group of people are doing simple little scripting tasks, and
> not things that would ever involve needing to access a __method__, not
> even a normal one like __init__. Most of what they do is me.this or
> me.that("hi") and such. Occasionally there's a little simple logic, but
> that's it.
> Can you think of a way out of such a sandbox? A way to access disallowed
> stuff, not a way to DOS.

You may want to check out repy- they use it in the Seattle restricted
execution environment, and some pretty smart people claim it has
decent security properties. Here's a summary of some of the things
they don't allow:

Full disclosure: while I don't directly work on the repy environment,
I have worked on some other parts of the Seattle project.

Geremy Condra

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