Help to convert Number to String

Vamsi vamsikrishna.bandlamudi at
Sat Aug 14 04:43:38 CEST 2010

On Aug 13, 7:27 pm, Stefan Schwarzer <sschwar... at>
> Hi Vamsi,
> On 2010-08-13 22:50, Vamsi wrote:
> > I am trying to count the number of lines in a file and insert  into
> > the file but getting the error message "TypeError: must be string or
> > read-only character buffer, not int", Could you please help me how to
> > correct this?
> Which Python version do you use?
> For which statement exactly do you get the message?
> > here is the code
> > lines1 = sum(1 for line in open('C:/test1.txt'))
> > wfile = open('C:/test1.txt'', 'a')
> You have two quotes here after the filename. These give a
> SyntaxError here. Python sees two concatenated strings,
> "C:/test1.txt" and ", " and stumbles over the a immediately
> after the closing quote of the second string.
> > wfile.write(str(lines1).zfill(9))
> > wfile.close()
> If I remove the redundant quote character and substitute
> filenames appropriate for my system, everything works.
> Maybe the code you included in this post isn't the same
> which led to the error?
> Stefan

Thank you Stefan,I pasted only part of the code.I am new to Python and
using 2.7.My actual code is as below, If I run the below code I am
getting the error "TypeError: 'str' object is not callable" ,Now I
found that I am using the "str" variable which is  a function.Thanks a
lot for your help.

fileopen = open('C:/MPython/test.txt', 'r')
str =
print str
lines1 = sum(1 for line in open('C:/MPython/test.txt'))
wfile = open('C:/MPython/test.txt', 'a')

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