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Sat Aug 14 05:04:34 CEST 2010

Vamsi <vamsikrishna.bandlamudi at> writes:

> fileopen = open('C:/MPython/test.txt', 'r')
> str =

The above statement clobbers the existing binding of ‘str’ to the
built-in string type. From that point on, the built-in string type is no
longer accessible by the name ‘str’; that name accesses a different

Choose a better name for the return value; make it describe what the
value is for in the context of the program.

    in_file = open('C:/MPython/test.txt', 'r')
    in_file_content =
    print in_file_content
    # …

It also has the advantage of making your code more readable, since the
names help indicate *why* the code is written the way it is.

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