Simple Python Sandbox

Christian Heimes lists at
Sun Aug 15 02:36:47 CEST 2010

> For example, when you go to save your bit of code, it will go in and if
> it finds __ anywhere in the text it just replaces it with xx. And, since
> getattr is not available, '_' + '_' won't get you anywhere.

That's not as secure as you might think. First of all you can write "_"
in more way than you may think.

>>> 2*chr(0x5f) + "insecure" + 2*chr(0x5f)
>>> "\x5f\x5finsecure\x5f\x5f"
>>> str(u"\N{LOW LINE}\N{LOW LINE}insecure\N{LOW LINE}\N{LOW LINE}")

If you have access to eval, exec or compile you can easily work around
your restrictions:

>>> getattribute = eval("object.__getattribute__")
>>> getattribute(int, "__new__")(int, "3")

As you can see, black listing isn't the best approach here.


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