math symbols in unicode (grouped by purpose)

Xah Lee xahlee at
Sun Aug 15 19:57:32 CEST 2010

hi kenny!

Xah Lee wrote:
> some collection of math symbols in unicode.
> • Math Symbols in Unicode

Kenneth Tilton wrote:
> I am surprised you do not include the numeric character codes.

i thought about it, but the page would get unwieldy.
To make it work well one might have to implement javascript so that
mouse hover can popup a balloon with info about the char... my
javascript isn't so great... maybe sometimes down the road.

but if you want a unicode char browser:

• Emacs xub-mode; A Unicode Browser

i feel that's the best unicode browser/palette/codemap kinda app there
is. (in my humble opinion, more useful than Apple's Character palette,
or Windows charmap.)

if you are not a emacs user, i'd even say download emacs and use it
just for it just for browser unicode chars. (you'll need emacs23.1 at


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