Tkinter/threading issue

Jerrad Genson jerradgenson at
Sun Aug 15 21:59:08 CEST 2010


I'm learning Tkinter, and I have an issue that I'd appreciate help
with. I have a program that initializes a GUI (I'll call this the "GUI
process"), then spawns another process that listens on a network via
the TCP/IP protocol for incoming strings (I'll call this the "server
process"). Everything works well up to this point.

What I want to happen next is for the server process to update a label
in the GUI process when it receives a message from the network. First
I tried passing a control variable for the label's text into the
server process, but when I updated the control variable, nothing
happened(no error messages, no feedback of any kind).

I tried piping the message from the server process into the GUI
process using os.write() and - and this works, but not the
way I need it to. I need the label to be updated automatically,
without any intervention from the user (at the moment, it only works
when the user clicks an "Update" button). I tried having the GUI
process check the pipe for messages automatically, but when I do this
it hangs when there's nothing in the pipe.

I've tried other avenues as well, but probably nothing worth
mentioning. If you have any suggestions, I would be very grateful.

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