Tkinter/threading issue

Jerrad Genson jerradgenson at
Sun Aug 15 22:53:08 CEST 2010

Thank you for the reply. When I said "TCP/IP" protocol, what I meant
was this:

The reason the server is in a separate process is because it needs to
continually be listening for network packets, which would disrupt the
GUI. In any case, that part is working fine - I actually have
everything you mentioned implemented already, in mostly the way you
described it, except for the very last part where the GUI label gets
updated. I tried creating a "listener" thread that waits for a message
to appear on its pipe from the server process, and then updates the
label using a control variable. Again, nothing happens. The program
doesn't hang, or throw an exception, but the label isn't being updated
either - I presume because I'm trying to set the control variable in a
thread separate from the GUI. I'll post some of the code so you can
see what I'm talking about.

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