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On Mon, 16 Aug 2010 18:44:08 +0200
"Alex van der Spek" <zdoor at xs4all.nl> wrote:
> Perhaps the ones here who think I was trying to make you do my homework can 

You keep replying to my message but as I pointed out in my previous
message, I'm not the one who thought that you posted a homework
question.  I'm the one who thought that the other poster thought that
you posted a homework question.  Honestly, while I thought it was a
question that could have been answered faster with a Google search, it
did not look like a homework question to me.

> actually help me for real. Since I run my own company (not working for any 
> of the big ones) I can't afford official training in anything. So I teach 
> myself, help is always welcome and sought for. If that feels like doing 
> homework for me, so be it.

Well, it is "home" work but there is nothing wrong with asking for help
anyway.  When people complain about homework questions it is generally
because someone has posted the question verbatim from the assignment
and asks for a complete solution.  That's annoying.  What you have done
here is good because you show some work and ask for help with it.
Slightly better would be to ask specific questions about areas that you
are struggling with but this is good.

> The fact is that I do try to learn Python. It can do things I thought 
> required much more coding. Look at the attached. It builds a concordance 
> table first. That was an excercise from a book on Pascal programming. In 
> Pascal the solution is 2 pages of code. In Python it is 8 lines. Beautiful!

I guess the real entry level test here is that you have to be smart
enough to choose Python since it is the best language.  You pass.  :-)

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