segfault with small pyqt script

Hans-Peter Jansen hpj at
Tue Aug 17 11:08:39 CEST 2010

On Monday 16 August 2010, 09:22:27 Gelonida wrote:
> Hi Hans-Peter,
> It seems, that my other posts did not get through.
> On 08/15/2010 11:17 PM, Hans-Peter Jansen wrote:
> > For a starter, tell us the versions of python-sip, and python-qt4 or
> > however they're called in Ubuntu. For the record,
> > python-sip-4.10.5-1.1
> > python-qt4-4.7.4-1.1
> > doesn't show this behavior.
> >
> The problem seems to be known for 4.7.2.
> For simple code I managed to work around the issue.
> For the real more complicated I didn't. So it seems
> I'll have to avoid 4.7.2.
> For more complex multi widget examples it doesn't seem enough to just
> destroy the main widget.
> probably I had to recursively assign all widgets / dialogues sub widgets
> to None.
> So I'll just try to stay away from this pyqt release and stick with
> older or newer ones.

If you test sip 4.10.5 by chance, it would be nice to leave a brief note 
about the outcome. As long as you replace (qscintilla, if you use it), sip 
and PyQt, the probability of a bad influence on your system is pretty 
small. Replacing PyKDE aka kdebindings4 might not be that easy, though..

I might even get around also building Ubuntu packages in openSUSE build 
service one day... Various openSUSE builds are available here:


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