Python "why" questions

Roy Smith roy at
Tue Aug 17 23:54:29 CEST 2010

In article <i4ehad$k63$1 at localhost.localdomain>,
 Martin Gregorie <martin at address-in-sig.invalid> wrote:

> > Roy wasn't using numpy/Python semantics but made-up semantics (following
> > Martin Gregorie's made-up semantics to which he was replying) which
> > treat the step size as a true size, not a size and direction. The
> > direction is determined from the start and stop parameters. It's an
> > almost-reasonable design.
> That wasn't a made-up example: AFAICR and ignoring a missing semi-colon 
> it was an Algol 68 snippet.

It was a made up example.  Any similarity to a real programming 
language, living or dead, was purely a coincidence.

I suspect I've probably also written a viable code snippet in Whitespace 
as well (  That, too, is a 

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