Python module Code returns empty list any ideas how to fix

Andrew Evans randrange at
Thu Aug 19 18:34:08 CEST 2010

Hello I am trying to modify Python xgoogle module to use yahoo

I have hit a road block where I receive no error messages the code I use to
test just returns an empty list.

and I don't know how to trouble shoot it

the module code is here

and the code I am using to test is this

import re
from urlparse import urlparse
from import YahooSearch, SearchError

gs = YahooSearch("quick and dirty")
print gs
gs.results_per_page = 50
results = gs.get_results()
print results
for res in results:
    print res.title.encode("utf8")
    print res.desc.encode("utf8")
    print res.url.encode("utf8")

Any idea how to fix the module *cheers
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