How far can stack [LIFO] solve do automatic garbage collection and prevent memory leak ?

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Sat Aug 21 07:42:18 CEST 2010

On Aug 20, 3:51 pm, Hugh Aguilar <hughaguila... at> wrote:
> On Aug 18, 6:23 pm, Standish P <stnd... at> wrote:
> > On Aug 17, 6:38 pm, John Passaniti <john.passan... at> wrote:
> > > You asked if Forth "borrowed" lists from Lisp.  It did not.  In Lisp,
> > > lists are constructed with pair of pointers called a "cons cell".
> > > That is the most primitive component that makes up a list.  Forth has
> > > no such thing; in Forth, the dictionary (which is traditionally, but
> > > not necessarily a list) is a data structure that links to the previous
> > > word with a pointer.  
> > Would you show me a picture, ascii art or whatever for Forth ? I know
> > what lisp lists look like so I dont need that for comparison. Forth
> > must have a convention and a standard or preferred practice for its
> > dicts. However, let me tell you that in postscript the dictionaries
> > can be nested inside other dictionaries and any such hiearchical
> > structure is a nested associative list, which is what linked list,
> > nested dictionaries, nested tables are.
> You can see an example of lists in my novice package (in the list.4th
> file):
> Also in there is symtab, which is a data structure intended to be used
> for symbol tables (dictionaries). Almost nobody uses linked lists for
> the dictionary anymore (the FIG compilers of the 1970s did, but they
> are obsolete).
> I must say, I've read through this entire thread and I didn't
> understand *anything* that *anybody* was saying (especially the OP).

You didnt understand anything because no one explained anything
coherently. Admittedly, I am asking a question that would be thought
provoking to those who claim to be "experts" but these experts are
actually very stingy and mean business people, most certainly worse
than Bill Gates, only it did not occur to them his ideas and at the
right time.

> I really recommend that people spend a lot more time writing code, and a
> lot less time with all of this pseudo-intellectual nonsense.

You have to have a concept to write code.

> This
> whole thread (and most of what I see on C.L.F. these days) reminds me
> of the "dialectic method" of the early Middle Ages --- a lot of talk
> and no substance.
> Write some programs! Are we not programmers?- Hide quoted text -
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