How far can stack [LIFO] solve do automatic garbage collection and prevent memory leak ?

Hugh Aguilar hughaguilar96 at
Sat Aug 21 18:58:18 CEST 2010

On Aug 21, 5:29 am, Alex McDonald <b... at> wrote:
> On 21 Aug, 06:42, Standish P <stnd... at> wrote:
> > Admittedly, I am asking a question that would be thought
> > provoking to those who claim to be "experts" but these experts are
> > actually very stingy and mean business people, most certainly worse
> > than Bill Gates, only it did not occur to them his ideas and at the
> > right time.
> What surprises may is that anyone bothered to answer, as your question
> was neither "thought provoking" nor in need of attention from an
> expert. Their generosity in the face of so much stupidity stands out
> as remarkable.

I wouldn't call the OP "stupid," which is just mean-spirited. That is
not much of a welcome wagon for somebody who might learn Forth
eventually and join our rather diminished ranks. Lets go with "over-
educated" instead! I thought that his question was vague. It seemed
like the kind of question that students pose to their professor in
class to impress him with their thoughtfulness, so that he'll forget
that they never did get any of their homework-assignment programs to
actually work. I yet maintain that writing programs is what
programming is all about.

I see a lot of pseudo-intellectual blather on comp.lang.forth. The
following is a pretty good example, in which Alex mixes big pseudo-
intellectual words such as "scintilla" with gutter language such as
"turd" in an ungrammatical mish-mash --- and defends the overuse of
the return stack for holding temporary data as being readable(?!):

On Jul 23, 4:43 pm, Alex McDonald <b... at> wrote:
> Whereas yours contained several tens, and nearly every one of them is
> wrong. Hugh, do you actually have any evidence -- even a scintilla --
> that supports this log winded opinions-as-fact post? Take any of the
> statements you make, and demonstrate that you can justify it.
> Reminding us that you said it before doesn't count.
> Start with this turd of an assertion and see if you can polish it;
> "Most of the time, when Forth code gets really ugly, it is because of
> an overuse of >R...R> --- that is a big reason why people use GCC
> rather than Forth."

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