How far can stack [LIFO] solve do automatic garbage collection and prevent memory leak ?

Alex McDonald blog at
Sat Aug 21 20:32:14 CEST 2010

On 21 Aug, 17:58, Hugh Aguilar <hughaguila... at> wrote:
> On Aug 21, 5:29 am, Alex McDonald <b... at> wrote:
> > On 21 Aug, 06:42, Standish P <stnd... at> wrote:
> > > Admittedly, I am asking a question that would be thought
> > > provoking to those who claim to be "experts" but these experts are
> > > actually very stingy and mean business people, most certainly worse
> > > than Bill Gates, only it did not occur to them his ideas and at the
> > > right time.
> > What surprises may is that anyone bothered to answer, as your question
> > was neither "thought provoking" nor in need of attention from an
> > expert. Their generosity in the face of so much stupidity stands out
> > as remarkable.
> I wouldn't call the OP "stupid," which is just mean-spirited.

Perhaps I'm just getting less forgiving the older I get, or the more I
read here. The internet is a fine resource for research, and tools
like google, archivx and so on are easy to access and take but a
little effort to use.

> That is
> not much of a welcome wagon for somebody who might learn Forth
> eventually and join our rather diminished ranks.

I care neither to be included in your "diminished ranks", nor do I
take much regard of popularity as you define it. Standish P doesn't
want to join anything; he (like you) has an agenda for yet another
club with a membership of one.

> Lets go with "over-
> educated" instead! I thought that his question was vague. It seemed
> like the kind of question that students pose to their professor in
> class to impress him with their thoughtfulness, so that he'll forget
> that they never did get any of their homework-assignment programs to
> actually work.

It didn't work. He hasn't done any homework, neither do you, and it

> I yet maintain that writing programs is what
> programming is all about.

You remind me of those that would build a house without an architect,
or fly without bothering to study the weather.

> I see a lot of pseudo-intellectual blather on comp.lang.forth. The
> following is a pretty good example, in which Alex mixes big pseudo-
> intellectual words such as "scintilla"

"Scintilla" gets about 2,080,000 results on google; "blather" gets
about 876,000 results. O Hugh, you pseudo-intellectual you!

> with gutter language such as
> "turd"

About 5,910,000 results. It has a long history, even getting a mention
in the Wyclif's 13th century bible.

> in an ungrammatical mish-mash --- and defends the overuse of
> the return stack for holding temporary data as being readable(?!):

I did? Where? You're making stuff up. Again.

> On Jul 23, 4:43 pm, Alex McDonald <b... at> wrote:
> > Whereas yours contained several tens, and nearly every one of them is
> > wrong. Hugh, do you actually have any evidence -- even a scintilla --
> > that supports this log winded opinions-as-fact post? Take any of the
> > statements you make, and demonstrate that you can justify it.
> > Reminding us that you said it before doesn't count.
> > Start with this turd of an assertion and see if you can polish it;
> > "Most of the time, when Forth code gets really ugly, it is because of
> > an overuse of >R...R> --- that is a big reason why people use GCC
> > rather than Forth."

Something you never did address, probably because the statement you
made is just another symptom of Aguilar's Disease; presenting as fact
an opinion based on personal experience, limited observation and no

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