How far can stack [LIFO] solve do automatic garbage collection and prevent memory leak ?

Hugh Aguilar hughaguilar96 at
Tue Aug 24 02:26:46 CEST 2010

On Aug 22, 3:40 pm, 1001nuits <1001nu... at> wrote:
> Another thing you learn in studying in University is the fact that you can  
> be wrong, which is quite difficult to accept for self taught people.

Yet another thing you learn in studying in University, is the art of
apple polishing! LOL

If a person has graduated from college, it is not clear what if
anything he has learned of a technical nature --- but it can be
assumed that he has learned to be a head-bobber (someone who
habitually bobs his head up and down in agreement when the boss is
speaking) and has learned to readily admit to being wrong when
pressured (when the boss looks at him without smiling for more than
two seconds). These are the traits that bosses want in an employee ---
that prove the employee to be "trainable."

BTW, has anybody actually looked at my software?

All this pseudo-intellectual nonsense (including this post) is getting
boring. Why don't we try discussing software for a while? I wrote that
slide-rule program as a showcase of Forth. I've been thinking of
porting it over to another language, possibly C. Maybe one of you C
experts could write the C program though, as a comparison --- to show
how much better C is than Forth. You can demonstrate that my code was
badly written and strangely designed --- with a concrete example,
rather than just a lot hand-waving and chest-thumping.

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