ftplib limitations?

Stefan Schwarzer sschwarzer at sschwarzer.net
Wed Aug 25 08:07:47 CEST 2010

Hi durumdara,

On 2010-08-24 16:29, Stefan Schwarzer wrote:
>> I experienced some problem.
>> The server is Windows and FileZilla, the client is Win7 and Python2.6.
>> When I got a file with size 1 303 318 662 byte, python is halt on
>> "retrbinary" line everytime.
> So if I understand correctly, the script works well on
> smaller files but not on the large one?

I just did an experiment in the interpreter which
corresponds to this script:

    import ftplib

    of = open("large_file", "wb")

    def callback(data):

    ftp = ftplib.FTP("localhost", userid, passwd)
    ftp.retrbinary("RETR large_file", callback)


The file is 2 GB in size and is fully transferred, without
blocking or an error message. The status message from the
server is '226-File successfully transferred\n226 31.760
seconds (measured here), 64.48 Mbytes per second', so this
looks ok, too.

I think your problem is related to the FTP server or its

Have you been able to reproduce the problem?


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