CRIMINAL YanQui MARINES Cesar Laurean Regularly RAPE GIRLS Maria Lauterbach and KILL THEM - CIA/Mossad/Jew did 911 - Wikileaks for ever CRIMES of YANQUI Bustards

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CRIMINAL YanQui MARINES Cesar Laurean Regularly RAPE GIRLS Maria
Lauterbach and KILL THEM

Is he a Jew or a white Anglo Saxon race ? or a Southern Baptist
Bustard who

The girl was a German like the one Roman Polansky raped, Semantha

Look at his face, what criminal race is he ? What goes around comes
around !!!

Former Marine convicted in North Carolina of killing female colleague
By the CNN Wire Staff
August 23, 2010 8:33 p.m. EDT

For more on this story, read the coverage from CNN affiliate WRAL.

(CNN) -- Former U.S. Marine Cesar Laurean was convicted in North
Carolina on Monday of first degree murder in the 2007 death of Lance
Cpl. Maria Lauterbach, who was eight months pregnant when she died.

An autopsy showed that Lauterbach, 20, died of blunt force trauma to
the head. Police unearthed her charred body from beneath a barbecue
pit in Laurean's backyard in January 2008. She had disappeared the
month before.

Laurean, who was dressed in black slacks and wore a white shirt and
black tie, did not show any emotion as the judge read his sentence of
life in prison without parole. He either said or mouthed something to
someone in the audience of the courtroom before he was led out in
handcuffs, video showed.

Laurean and Lauterbach were stationed together at Camp Lejeune, North

North Carolina prosecutors alleged Laurean killed Lauterbach on
December 14 and used her ATM card 10 days later before fleeing to
Mexico.Laurean was arrested there in April 2008. He holds dual
citizenship in the United States and Mexico.

Before her death, Lauterbach told the Marines that Laurean had raped
her. Laurean denied it, and disappeared just a few weeks before a
scheduled rape hearing at Camp LeJeune.

The DNA of Lauterbach's unborn child did not match that of Laurean,
according to law enforcement personnel.

Authorities found Lauterbach's body after Laurean's wife, Christina,
produced a note her husband had written claiming the 20-year-old
slit her own throat during an argument, according to officials.

Although a gaping 4-inch wound was found on the left side of
Lauterbach's neck, autopsy results indicated that the wound itself
would not have been fatal and may have occurred after death.

Asked by a Mexican reporter at the time of his arrest whether he
killed Lauterbach, Laurean replied, "I loved her."

Laurean's lawyer said his client would appeal the decision.


The MARINE BASTARD will probably claim INSANITY ........

The FAT per DIEM FBI bustards use our TAX PAYER MONEY and


Hey Racist and INcompetent FBI Bustards, where is the ANTHRAX
Mailer ?
Where are the 4 blackboxes ? Where are the Pentagon Videos ? Why did
you release the 5 dancing Israelis compromising the whole 911
investigation ? If the Dubai Police can catch Mossad Murderers and
the videos and Iranian Police can why cant you put the Pentagon
Videos ? If Iran police can put the AMERICAN TERRORIST, Riggi and
puting on INTERNATIONAL MEDIA a day after catching him without
TORTURE, why cant you put the INNOCENT patsies on the MEDIA. Why did
you have to LIE about Dr Afiya Siddiqui and torture that Innocent
little mother of 3 and smashing the skull of her one child ?

There are CRIMINAL cases against CIA CRIMINAL Bustards in Italian

FBI bustards paid a penalty of $5.8 million to Steven Hatfill, but
only because he was a white. They got away with MURDER of thousands
Non-whites in all parts of the world.

Daily 911 news :

Conclusion : FBI bustards are RACIST and INcompetent. They could
neither catch the ANTHRAX or 911 YANK/Jew criminals nor could they
cover them up - whichever was their actual goal or task.

SLASH the SALARIES of FBI/CIA/NSA etc BUSTARDS into half all across
tbe board, esp the whites/jew on the top.

FBI Bustards failed to Catch BERNARD MADOFF even after that RACIST
FBI bustards failed to prevent ROMAN POLANSKY from absconding to
europe and rapes.
FBI bustards failed to prevent OKLAHOMA


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