How far can stack [LIFO] solve do automatic garbage collection and prevent memory leak ?

John Passaniti john.passaniti at
Wed Aug 25 21:56:06 CEST 2010

On Aug 24, 8:00 pm, Hugh Aguilar <hughaguila... at> wrote:
> The C programmers reading this are likely wondering why I'm being
> attacked. The reason is that Elizabeth Rather has made it clear to
> everybody that this is what she wants: []

Hello to those outside of comp.lang.forth, where Hugh usually leaves
his slime trail.  I seriously doubt many people will bother to read
the message thread Hugh references, but if you do, you'll get to
delight in the same nonsense Hugh has brought to comp.lang.forth.
Here's the compressed version:

1.  Hugh references code ("symtab") that he wrote (in Factor) to
manage symbol tables.
2.  I (and others) did some basic analysis and found it to be a poor
algorithm-- both in terms of memory use and performance-- especially
compared to the usual solutions (hash tables, splay trees, etc.).
3.  I stated that symtab sucked for the intended application.
4.  Hugh didn't like that I called his baby ugly and decided to expose
his bigotry.
5.  Elizabeth Rather said she didn't appreciate Hugh's bigotry in the

Yep, that's it.  What Hugh is banking on is that you won't read the
message thread, and that you'll blindly accept that Elizabeth is some
terrible ogre with a vendetta against Hugh.  The humor here is that
Hugh himself provides a URL that disproves that!  So yes, if you care,
do read the message thread.  It won't take long for you to get a clear
impression of Hugh's character.

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