Trouble importing cx_Oracle on HPUX

Cliff Martin cliff.martin at
Fri Aug 27 05:08:42 CEST 2010

I have just gotten done building Python 3.1.2 on HPUX 11.31 Itanium
(IA64) using gcc 4.4.3, and have tried building cx_Oracle to go with
it. The build succeeds, but test and importing does not. I have tried
building Python with threads and without. The only exotic thing I do
with the configure for python is to supply -mlp64, which makes it a 64
bit build. Python 3 appears to work just fine, and cx_Oracle has
worked on this same architecture in the past with Python 2.6.5.

Help! I would really like to use Python 3, but Oracle support is a
requirement. Everything I've read indicates it should work, but there
is not a lot of people doing this or posting notes about their install
problems or successes on HP-UX.


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