rouble importing cx_Oracle on HPUX

Alexander Gattin xrgtn at
Sat Aug 28 17:20:46 CEST 2010


On Sat, Aug 28, 2010 at 09:27:05AM -0400, Cliff
Martin wrote:
> Yes, our entire toolchain is 64 bit - a mix of
> stuff I have downloaded and built and some
> packages from HP (in the form of depot files)
> GCC was downloaded from HP, for example.

I see. I bootstrapped from bundled cc, hence all
the problems.

> Python -d did not generate any additional
> information, and so was not helpful (should this
> work?). 

Oops I was wrong about the python -d --
correct option is -v of course...

> Python -v did, however, and it came up with a
> number of unresolved symbols all seeming to be
> from I tried linking against all of
> the *.so files in ORACLE_HOME/lib, but I don't
> remember trying libttsh11 specifically. I will
> try it again on Monday.

You're using Oracle 11 vs our v10 (we also have
v8, v9 and v11 in production, but not on this
HP-UX server), but I think the problem with the
libnnz is the same: Oracle doesn't put correct
shared library dependencies into the
dynamic section header (it should list as NEEDED but apperently doesn't).

Probably their distribution for Solaris is better,
I didn't check (I'll ask our DBAs on Monday).

With best regards,

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