pyxser-1.5r --- Python Object to XML serializer/deserializer

Josh English joshua.r.english at
Sun Aug 29 00:09:16 CEST 2010

On Aug 26, 10:02 pm, Stefan Behnel <stefan... at> wrote:
> Josh English, 27.08.2010 01:30:
> > solve a lot of the problems I'm running into in my own attempt to
> > build a python Class implementation of an XML Validation object.
> How would object serialisation help here?

I'm running into the same problem in a lot of projects I'm working on.
I can't decide
one the best way to serialize instances of classes. I want to be able
to store these
instances in a human-readable and editable format that I can reload
back into their

The XML validation tool requires the rules of the XML to be written
out in Python
as classes and instances. I would love to have a consistent way to
write the definition
file and load it. For example, Relax NG can be written out, the rules
loaded into a parser,
and actual XML data can be validated against it.

Since I started in Python, I want that bridge back to serialization.

In this project, and others, subclassing plays a big role in using the
code, so I need
a reliable way of writing a definition, loading it into the proper
subclass, and running
with those subclasses.

I am familiar with XML, but I've played with YAML and may try that.
I'm hesitant to use YAML
because it requires that I add the YAML.object.

I even wrote a program to store data similar to GEDCOM format, which
seemed the simplest from
a user's perspective.


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