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Mon Aug 30 06:23:08 CEST 2010

On 08/29/2010 08:21 PM, alex23 wrote:
> kj <no.em... at> wrote:
>> Sorry for the outburst, but unfortunately, PIL is not alone in
>> this.  Python is awash in poor documentation. [...]
>> I have to conclude that the problem with Python docs
>> is somehow "systemic"...
> Yes, if everyone else disagrees with you, the problem is obviously
> "systemic".

No, not everyone disagrees with him.  There are many people who
absolutely agree with him.

> What helps are concrete suggestions to the package maintainers about
> how these improvements could be made, rather than huge sprawling
> attacks on the state of Python documentation (and trying to tie it
> into the state of Python itself) as a whole. ]

Nothing you quoted of what he wrote attempted to "tie it into the
state of Python itself"

> Instead, what we get are
> huge pointless rants like yours whenever someone finds that something
> isn't spelled out for them in exactly the way that they want.

He never complained about spelling choices.

> These people are _volunteering_ their effort and their code,

Yes, we all know that.

> all
> you're providing is an over-excess of hyperbole

It is hardly convincing when one criticizes hyperbole with hyperbole.

> and punctuation. What
> is frustrating to me is seeing people like yourself spend far more
> time slamming these projects than actually contributing useful changes
> back.

Face the facts dude.  The Python docs have some major problems.
They were pretty good when Python was a new, cool, project used
by a handful of geeks.  They are good relative to the "average"
(whatever that is) open source project -- but that bar is so low
as to be a string lying on the ground.

Your overly defensive and oppressive response does not help.
All it (combined with similar knee-jerk responses) does is
act to suppress any criticism leaving the impression that
the Python docs are really great, an assertion commonly made
here and often left unchallenged.  Responses like yours
create a force that works to maintain the status quo.

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