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The code was COPY and PASTE -> presume wrong

   When quoting an error message, get it all.  Since you omit the stacktrace 
part, we can't tell what line might be giving you that error

That is all the error code!!!

    Once you've noticed which line, just examine the types of each of the 
elements you're combining.  If you're using the + operator, and the left operand 
is a string, then the right one must also be string.  Figure out why it's not 
and you have your own answer

Do you really think that I didn't do it? What a... response. This + or , is 
really USELESS. Please don't bother to send useless replays
This is the line where I get the error: smtpObj.sendmail(fromEmail, toEmail, 



sandric ionut wrote:
> Hello:
> I have a script for sending email from python (it is attached bellow). When I 
>am launching the script I get the error:
> TypeError: cannot concatenate 'str' and 'type' objects if I use sys.argv[1], 
>but if I input from the begging an email address like "email at email.com", the 
>script is working OK
> What could be the problem?
> Thank you,
> Ionut
> import
> mesaj = email.MIMEMultipart.MIMEMultipart()
> fromEmail = sys.argv[
> toEmail = os, sys, smtplib, email1]"toEmail"mesaj[
> mesaj[
> mesaj["From"] = fromEmail"To"] = toEmail"Subject"] = "Teste"mesaj[
> atasament = r"Date"] = 
>email.Utils.formatdate(localtime=True)"d:\Doc1.zip"atasamentP = 
> atasamentP.set_payload(open(atasament,
> email.Encoders.encode_base64(atasamentP)
> atasamentP.add_header(
> mesaj.attach(atasamentP)
> mesaj.attach(email.MIMEText.MIMEText(
> smtpObj = 
>  filename="%s"'% os.path.basename(atasament))"Email transmis la data: ", 
> smtpObj.sendmail(fromEmail, toEmail, mesaj.as_string())
> smtpObj.close():exceptsmtplib.SMTPException:print"eroare: "+ 
  Three things:  When quoting code, do it exactly, and without wordwrap in your 
mail program.  There are so many typos in that code sample that it's     
useless, presumably because you didn't use copy/paste

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