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Thomas Jollans thomas at
Tue Aug 31 15:46:58 CEST 2010

On Tuesday 31 August 2010, it occurred to sandric ionut to exclaim:
> Hello:
> I have a script for sending email from python (it is attached bellow). When
> I am launching the script I get the error:
> TypeError: cannot concatenate 'str' and 'type' objects if I use
> sys.argv[1], but if I input from the begging an email address like
> "email at", the script is working OK
> What could be the problem?
> Thank you,
> Ionut
> import
> mesaj = email.MIMEMultipart.MIMEMultipart()
> fromEmail = sys.argv[
> toEmail = os, sys, smtplib, email1]"toEmail"mesaj[
> mesaj[
> mesaj["From"] = fromEmail"To"] = toEmail"Subject"] = "Teste"mesaj[
> atasament = r"Date"] =
> email.Utils.formatdate(localtime=True)"d:\"atasamentP =
> email.MIMEBase.MIMEBase(
> atasamentP.set_payload(open(atasament,
> email.Encoders.encode_base64(atasamentP)
> atasamentP.add_header(
> mesaj.attach(atasamentP)
> mesaj.attach(email.MIMEText.MIMEText(
> smtpObj =
> smtplib.SMTP('application','zip')"rb").read())'Content-Disposition','attach
> ement; filename="%s"'% os.path.basename(atasament))"Email transmis la data:
> ", email.Utils.formatdate(localtime=False)))"")try
> smtpObj.sendmail(fromEmail, toEmail, mesaj.as_string())
> smtpObj.close():exceptsmtplib.SMTPException:print"eroare: "+
> smtplib.SMTPException

I struggle to imagine what one might do to a piece of code to garble it this 
badly. If this was actually the script you're trying to run, then it would 
have blown up in your face with a angry SyntaxError, not the helpful TypeError 
you quoted. As far as I can see, you never actually use sys.argv[1], so this 
can't be the right code.

To paraphrase what you failed to spell correctly in your other message, please 
don't bother sending useless inquiries to this list. If you want to get a 
useful reply, please:

 - Quote the code correctly. Before sending, check that it actually makes
   sense. The above is quite simply nothing like Python.

 - Quote the entire stack trace and error message. You might have looked at it
   already, but we haven't. This information is not useless!

Also, when replying:

  - Quote properly. While top posting is discouraged, the most important bit
    is to clearly distinguish quoted material from new material. Make it
    possible from the structure of the message you're sending which parts you
    wrote and which parts you're just quoting.

  - Keep your reply on-list.

 - Thomas

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