Saving (unusual) linux filenames

Jeremy Sanders jeremy at
Tue Aug 31 18:58:55 CEST 2010

AmFreak at wrote:

> i have a script that reads and writes linux paths in a file. I save the
> path (as unicode) with 2 other variables. I save them seperated by "," and
> the "packets" by newlines. So my file looks like this:
> path1, var1A, var1B
> path2, var2A, var2B
> path3, var3A, var3B

If you're generating the file and it is safe to do so (you're not getting 
the data from the internet), you could use repr((path1, v1, v2)) to save the 
line to the file and eval to interpret back the tuple.

Alternatively you could use // as a separator, making sure that you replace 
multiple slashes in the path which a single slash (which are equivalent).


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