What's this vText() annotation mean?

tinnews at isbd.co.uk tinnews at isbd.co.uk
Tue Feb 2 19:32:46 CET 2010

What does this vText() annotation mean in a returned list:-

    [['Apr 19', vText(u'PAYE'), ''], ['Mar 31', vText(u'VAT'), ''], ['May 19', vText(u'Year end PAYE'), '']]

I *guess* it's some sort of indication of non-constant text, I need a
way to make it constant (well, to get a constant copy of it) because a
function I'm passing it to is complaining about a type mismatch:-

    TypeError: in method 'Fl_Input__value', argument 2 of type 'char const *'

Chris Green

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