python admin abuse complaint

Xah Lee xahlee at
Tue Feb 2 21:40:13 CET 2010

This is a short complaint on admin abuse on #python irc channel on

Here's a log:


(12:11:57 PM) The topic for #python is: NO LOL |
| It's too early to use Python 3.x | Pasting > 3 lines? Pastebin: | Tutorial: | FAQ: | New Programmer? Read
| #python.web #wsgi #python-fr #python-es #python-br #python-jp #python-nl #python-ir #python-
(12:12:00 PM) _habnabit: pr100, I replaced it with str.startswith,
(12:12:01 PM) jarray52: Jarray
(12:12:11 PM) _habnabit: jarray52, yes, you are.
(12:12:16 PM) xahlee: is hash={} and hash.clean() identical?
(12:12:18 PM) eggy_: OhnoesRaptor: getting sockets (and event loops
etc) right is quite tricky
(12:12:21 PM) OhnoesRaptor: I know how to do sockets right eggy, just
wondering whats up with the python verison :D
(12:12:24 PM) mode (+o dash) by ChanServ
(12:12:30 PM) You have been kicked by dash: (No.)


I have not been using irc for the past about 2 year. (possibly perhaps
2 times in i think #web channel) In particular, i have not been in in's #python channel. I don't know who is dash.


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