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Steve Holden, Chairman, PSF chairman at
Tue Feb 2 23:23:43 CET 2010

Xah Lee wrote:
> This is a short complaint on admin abuse on #python irc channel on
> Here's a log:
> 2010-02-02
> (12:11:57 PM) The topic for #python is: NO LOL |
> | It's too early to use Python 3.x | Pasting > 3 lines? Pastebin:
> | Tutorial: | FAQ:
> | New Programmer? Read
> | #python.web #wsgi #python-fr #python-es
> #python-br #python-jp #python-nl #python-ir #python-
> offtopic
> (12:12:00 PM) _habnabit: pr100, I replaced it with str.startswith,
> actually.
> (12:12:01 PM) jarray52: Jarray
> (12:12:11 PM) _habnabit: jarray52, yes, you are.
> (12:12:16 PM) xahlee: is hash={} and hash.clean() identical?
> (12:12:18 PM) eggy_: OhnoesRaptor: getting sockets (and event loops
> etc) right is quite tricky
> (12:12:21 PM) OhnoesRaptor: I know how to do sockets right eggy, just
> wondering whats up with the python verison :D
> (12:12:24 PM) mode (+o dash) by ChanServ
> (12:12:30 PM) You have been kicked by dash: (No.)
> ---------------
> I have not been using irc for the past about 2 year. (possibly perhaps
> 2 times in i think #web channel) In particular, i have not been in in
>'s #python channel. I don't know who is dash.
>   Xah
Frankly, Xah Lee, I find it ironic that you see fit to complain about
abuse of the IRC channel when you have apparently felt free to ignore
the many complaints about your behavior on this and other newsgroups
over many years.

"As ye sew, so shall ye reap". I imagine that your reputation has
preceded you, and that dash (whom I *do* know) is simply looking to keep
a well-known nuisance from bothering the rest of the users on the channel.

For the present my sympathies are all with him. The PSF will, however,
investigate this issue and I will report back to you off-list in due course.

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