ANN: GMPY 1.11 released

Mensanator mensanator at
Wed Feb 3 07:03:54 CET 2010

On Feb 2, 12:45 am, casevh <cas... at> wrote:
> Everyone,
> I'm pleased to annouce the final release of GMPY 1.11.
> GMPY is a wrapper for the MPIR or GMP multiple-precision
> arithmetic library. GMPY 1.11 is available for download from:
> In addition to support for Python 3.x, there are several new
> features in this release:
> - Even faster conversion to/from Python longs.
> - Performance improvements by reducing function overhead.
> - Performance improvements by improved caching.
> - Support for cdivmod, fdivmod, and tdivmod.
> - Unicode strings are accepted on Python 2.x and 3.x.
> - Fixed regression in GMPY 1.10 where True/False were no
>   longer recognized.
> Changes since 1.11rc1:
> - Recognizes GMP 5.
> - Bugs fixed in Windows binaries (MPIR 1.3.0rc3 -> 1.3.1).
> Comments on provided binaries
> The 32-bit Windows installers were compiled with MinGW32 using MPIR
> 1.3.1 and will automatically recognize the CPU type and use code
> optimized for the CPU at runtime. The 64-bit Windows installers were
> compiled Microsoft's SDK compilers using MPRI 1.3.1. Detailed
> instructions are included if you want to compile your own binary.
> Please report any issues!

My previous replies didn't show up. Something to do the .announce
group? I'll trim that and try again. Sorry if they show up eventually.

Two issues:

1] why does both gmpy 1.11 and gmpy 1.11rc1 both reply

>>> gmpy.version()

Aren't these different versions? How are we supposed to tell them

2] Is it true that the only changes since 1.11rc1 are not
   applicable to me since

   - I'm not using Windows
   - whether it recognizes GMP 5 is moot as GMP 5 cannot be
     compiled on a Mac (according to GMP site)

Is it possible GMP's problems with getting GMP 5 to compile
are the same ones I had with 3.1 on Snow Leopard? (They bemoan
not having a set of every Mac system.) Think it would behoove
me to try it?

> casevh

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