Python and Ruby

Timothy N. Tsvetkov timothy.tsvetkov at
Wed Feb 3 10:21:44 CET 2010

On Jan 28, 2:29 am, Jonathan Gardner <jgard... at>
> On Jan 27, 5:47 am, Simon Brunning <si... at> wrote:
> > I think Python is a little cleaner, but I'm sure you'd find Ruby fans
> > who'd argue the complete opposite.
> Are you sure about that?
> There's a lot of line noise in Ruby. How are you supposed to pronounce
> "@@"? What about "{|..| ... }"?
> There's a lot of "magic" in Ruby as well. For instance, function calls
> are made without parentheses. Blocks can only appear as the first
> argument. There's a lot more, if you put your mind to it.
> Indentation is also optional in Ruby. You can quickly fool a newbie by
> not indenting your code properly, which is impossible in Python.
> Python is much, much cleaner. I don't know how anyone can honestly say
> Ruby is cleaner than Python.

I will. I developed on both (Python was first) and I think that ruby I
very clean and maybe cleaner than Python. Also I don't know any
situation where you need to pronounce your code symbol by symbol. You
might need to pronounce some semantics.

And you're wrong with blocks.

About indent your right. It helps newbies indent code becouse they
must to. But most of professional developers started with Pascal and
then C and they all indent well :) it is about culture and it is what
about teacher should say.

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