simple and fast platform independent IPC

Tim Golden mail at
Wed Feb 3 11:54:19 CET 2010

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>>> I wondered what IPC library might be best simplest for following task?


>>> xmlrpc seems to be a little heavy for such tasks.
>>> signals don't allow to exchange data
>>> a shared memory message queue would probably a good solution, but
>>> python's Multiprocessing.Queue  seems to require a common parent process

[Vinay Sajip]
>> Gabriel's suggestion is very good; if you need something which is a
>> little more like RPC but still quite lightweight, consider Pyro
>> (

[peloko45 at]
> I've read that Pyro is not safe.

That's a fairly broad thing to say. I've read lots
of things. What does "is not safe" mean, in any case?
I assume you've got a valid concern in mind which is
worth passing on to a would-be user, but what exactly
is it? FWIW I've used Pyro on and off over the years
without any problems. Certainly my computer's never
blown up as a result of using it.

Obviously Pyro is Python-only so interaction with non-Python
code would be problematic. But the OP only mentions Python
scripts so hopefully that wouldn't be an issue...

>Anyway, you have in mind that respect to speed:
> shared memory>  named pipes>  Unix domain socket>  TCP socket

True, but the OP didn't mention speed; rather simplicity. Not
saying it isn't a consideration but premature optimisation and
all that...

> Another thing. Using shared memory would be as to use a single thread
> but using message queues would be as multiple-threading.

And therefore...?

I think you need to make your points more clearly.


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