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Wed Feb 3 10:29:38 CET 2010

En Wed, 03 Feb 2010 05:32:58 -0300, News123 <news123 at> escribió:

> I'm having a few python scripts all running on the same host (linux or
> win), which are started manually in random order. (no common parent  
> process)
> Each process might be identified by an integer (1,2,3) or by a symbolic
> name ( 'dad' , 'mom' , 'dog' )
> these scripts want to send short messages to each other ( mostly
> integers, max a few bytes, short string), which would be enqueued in
> message queues of the receiving process.
> example:
> 'dad' wants to tell 'mom': 'cook'
> 'dog' wants to tell 'dad' : 'feedme'
> 'mom' wants to tell 'dad' : 'cookyourself'

Try using a named pipe between each pair of processes (os.mkfifo + open on  
Linux, open(r"\\.\pipe\desired_name", ...) on Windows)

Gabriel Genellina

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