simple and fast platform independent IPC

Paul Rubin at nospam.invalid
Wed Feb 3 14:04:03 CET 2010

News123 <news123 at> writes:
> I'm having a few python scripts all running on the same host (linux or
> win), which are started manually in random order. (no common parent process)
> Each process might be identified by an integer (1,2,3) or by a symbolic
> name ( 'dad' , 'mom' , 'dog' )

If they are running on the same host with no untrusted local users, you
can use unix-domain sockets instead of TCP sockets and then the server
should be unreachable from the internet.  Then you're less exposed to
possible security issues with libraries like Pyro.  Personally I've just
used SocketServer/SimpleHTTPServer on the listening side and simplejson
for serialization, but that was for low-rent, low-performance
applications.  If you want something faster, zeromq (
looks interesting.

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