Dreaming of new generation IDE

Paul Rubin no.email at nospam.invalid
Wed Feb 3 14:07:28 CET 2010

Vladimir Ignatov <kmisoft at gmail.com> writes:
> I notice however, that "maintaining" existing/older python code is may
> be not so enjoyable task. It may be even harder than supporting old
> code written in some type of "static" languages (like Java or C++).
> Surely "dynamic" nature of python comes with price.

Yes, this is a well known drawback of dynamic typing.  The usual remedy
is lots and lots of test automation (a full suite of unit and
integration tests that you run on every build, that check the properties
of basically every function in your program).

> Instead of current text-oriented IDEs, it
> should be a database-centric and resemble current CAD systems 

I've never used a current CAD system, so I can't make any sense of this.
I don't see how databases would help.  

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