Dreaming of new generation IDE

Vladimir Ignatov kmisoft at gmail.com
Wed Feb 3 15:58:25 CET 2010

> The maintenance thing may be true but for me that doesn't outweigh the
> clear benefits I get from using Python i.s.o. e.g. C++: the fact that
> I have much less code that is more compact and for me more directly
> readable is a clear advantage when doing maintance on code I didnt
> touch for a while. Documenting the essential parameters used with some
> examples and some logging helps (for me at least...).

Python is very easy to write. But with code grow and time passes,
things get worse. Currently I tries to reanimate one of my old
freeware project and faced it again.

> The type of IDE you are looking for is more something like Rational
> Rose (e.g. RRT?) type of tooling perhaps? There you "CAD" components
> and their statebehavior and the system generates C or C++ code.

Perhaps. I newer use Rational Rose but hear about it. But I use some
other Rational* products and they scare me a lot. So maybe Rose can be
used for "inspiration" but not much more.  Actually I don't want to
put programmer in GUI-fashioned env. with a lot of buttons and
switches. I think about "classic" text-like view but that actually
"understands" that are you doing (typing) on. So your types goes in
"datastore" first and then renders back as a text representation.
Something like this.

Vladimir Ignatov

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