Selenium/SauceLabs OpenSpace at Pycon

Raymond Hettinger python at
Wed Feb 3 19:42:51 CET 2010

For those who are interested, the Sauce Labs team,,
is hosting two free tutorial open space sessions at Pycon in Atlanta.

In the short session, people bringing their laptops should be able to
record a web session in their browser, convert the recorded activity
to a Python script, modify the script to accept a number of inputs ,
and replay the script locally on their laptops.  Once you've learned
how to fully automate your own browser, submit the same script to the
Sauce Labs cloud to run the tests in parallel across multiple browsers
and operating systems, and view the results with instant video

The tutorials should be of interest to web developers wanting fast,
cross-browser testing and it should be of general interest to anyone
wanting to use Python to automate browser sessions.

The tutorials are being led by Jason Huggins, the creator of Selenium
(an open source web app testing tool ).
Several familiar names from the Python community will also be on-hand:


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