Dreaming of new generation IDE

Vladimir Ignatov kmisoft at gmail.com
Wed Feb 3 22:24:30 CET 2010

> can you sketch an example/use case more concretely?

Sorry, I don't have anything written down. I just have some rough idea
of implementation and some concrete features I would like to see in
such system.  For example:

1) Instant refactoring. No more needs for manual
search/inspect/rename. Since system knows exactly that is going on,
the refactoring will be fully automatic.
2) Show "xref table" for each function. How often this function used?
Where is it used? (code snippets of calls) What functionality is
supported by this function?
3) Extended statistics. How many objects this object/function
interacts with? Popular functions, dead/unused functions.
4) Code smell detector - too long functions, too much interaction with
other objects, global objects, etc.

Vladimir Ignatov

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