Passing parameters in URL

Paul Rubin at nospam.invalid
Thu Feb 4 00:39:50 CET 2010

"Diez B. Roggisch" <deets at> writes:
> Of course only information not gathered is really safe
> information. But every operation that has side-effects is reproducable
> anyway, and if e.g. your chat-app has a history, you can as well log
> the parameters.

No I can't.  The chat-app history would be on the client, not the
server, so I'd have no access to it.  Put another way: as server
operator, I'm like the owner of a coffee shop.  I can't stop patrons
from recording their own conversations with each other, and it's not
even really my business whether they do that.  But it would be
outrageous for the shop owner to record the conversations of patrons.

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