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Steve Holden steve at holdenweb.com
Thu Feb 4 01:55:45 CET 2010

Vladimir Ignatov wrote:
>> can you sketch an example/use case more concretely?
> Sorry, I don't have anything written down. I just have some rough idea
> of implementation and some concrete features I would like to see in
> such system.  For example:
> 1) Instant refactoring. No more needs for manual
> search/inspect/rename. Since system knows exactly that is going on,
> the refactoring will be fully automatic.

You'll probably want to take a look at "Bicycle Repair Man", which
offers Python refactoring functionality.

> 2) Show "xref table" for each function. How often this function used?
> Where is it used? (code snippets of calls) What functionality is
> supported by this function?

Bear in mind this information can only ever be partial, since functions
are first-class objects and aren't always referred to by their original

> 3) Extended statistics. How many objects this object/function
> interacts with? Popular functions, dead/unused functions.
> 4) Code smell detector - too long functions, too much interaction with
> other objects, global objects, etc.
> ...
Also take a look at pylint and pychecker, which are already built to
perform that kind of check on Python code.

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