Dreaming of new generation IDE

Vladimir Ignatov kmisoft at gmail.com
Thu Feb 4 05:13:18 CET 2010

>> > […] system "knows" all your identifiers and just regenerates
>> > relevant portions of text from internal database-alike
>> > representation.
> You will probably want to learn about “refactoring” to see if that's
> related to what you mean <URL:http://www.refactoring.com/>.

I mean if system actually "understands" your code (instead of try to
figure it out from existing text files with source code), then much
more complex refactoring is possible. My favorite refactoring is
"Replace Method with Method Object". It is hard to imagine "external"
tool that can provide such refactoring for python code.

>> Something like Bicycle Repair Man then:
> Bicycle Repair Man has not shown any development activity since 2004.
> Which is a shame, because it's an awesomely appropriate name for what it
> does :-)

I believe it still live under the hood of PyDev plugin. I use it
almost every day and need to say that it don't provide much more than
simple renaming (which works right in 80% of cases in recent version).

Vladimir Ignatov

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