method to intercept string formatting % operations

bradallen bradallen137 at
Fri Feb 5 15:57:18 CET 2010


For container class derived from namedtuple, but which also behaves
like a dictionary by implementing __getitem__ for non-integer index
values, is there a special reserved method which allows intercepting %
string formatting operations? I would like for my container type to
behave appropriately depending on whether the string formatting
operation has a string like this :

"whatever %s yadayada" % mycontainer  # needs to act like a tuple

"whatever %(key)s yadayada" % mycontainer  # needs to act like a

I looked through the Python data model docs at <
reference/datamodel.html#emulating-container-types> but only found

"If the left operand of a % operator is a string or Unicode object, no
coercion takes place and the string formatting operation is invoked


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