xmlrcp - how to marshall objects

Jean-Michel Pichavant jeanmichel at sequans.com
Fri Feb 5 17:03:28 CET 2010

Deos anyone knows where to find an code sample describing how to 
implement the interface to marshall one object into XMLRPC compliant 
structures ?

I googled without any success, and what google does not find does not exist.

Let say I have this very simple class:

class Point:
    def __init__(self, x, y):
    self.x = x
    self.y = y

I've looked into xmlrpc code, I see  2 options:
1/ override the Marshaller class of client and server
2/ looks like the lib is supporting a WRAPPER list system, it uses to 
Marshall Datetime & Binary object. Can it be possible to add its own 
class (could require to emplement the 'encode' method)

I sense I will spend much more time than required unless someone is 
pointing me in the right direction.


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