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>> But in bash scripting, you'd just use rsync or cp or rm -- maybe an
>> example would make clearer how REXX differs from bash.
>	I suspect the only really good examples would have to written under
>OS/VMS (where it originated, written to be a more powerful & friendlier
>replacement for the EXEC scripting language) or AmigaOS -- to
>demonstrate the switching interaction of command handlers. REXX
>implementations for Windows and Linux pretty much only support the
>"shell" as a command handler, whereas the two named OS could address
>editors (and on the Amiga, word processors, desktop publishing programs,
>terminal emulators/comm programs, system editor).
>	My Amiga's been in storage since Win95 days, so this is a fictitious
>example based on the reference manuals.
>address command	/* use normal command shell to process commands */
>file = 'some.file'
>'run ed' file	/* start ED editor in background, editing 'file'*/
>address ED	/* send commands to the ED instance */
>'b'		/* go to bottom of file */
>'i /text to be inserted before bottom line/'
>'t'		/* to to top */
>'a /text inserted after first line/'
>find = 'needle'
>replace = 'thorn'
>'rpe /' || find || '/' || replace '/'
>'x'	/* save & exit */
>address command
>'type' file		/* type file to screen */
>'filenote' file "edited via AREXX script"

IOW, kinda like AppleScript?
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