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Gerald Britton gerald.britton at gmail.com
Fri Feb 5 19:41:52 CET 2010

2010/2/5 Laszlo Nagy <gandalf at shopzeus.com>:
>   Hi All,
> I know that this question was put up on this list a thousand times. I know
> that most of the editors are listed here:
> http://wiki.python.org/moin/PythonEditors
> I already tried most of them. But still, I need something that is not listed
> there. Requirements:
> starts and works fast
> has code folding, displays identation guides
> auto completion
> class browser
> source code browser (e.g. a list of definitions, when you click it jumps to
> the definition
> integration with pychecker or pylint
> UTF-8 files
> free, or not-so-expensive
> works on linux and windows
> The one I'm using now is Geany. It does everything, except class browser and
> pychecker/pylint. Now maybe, I can install (or write??) a geany extension
> that would allow me to use pychecker. But I could not find information on
> that. There where others I tried (PyPE, DrPython, KomodoEdit, Editra etc.)
> but all of them failed for some reason. Can you please suggest another
> editor that I could try? Or send me a link that tells how to write or
> install pychecked plugin for Geany.
> Thanks,
>    Laszlo
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I use Geany too.  It lets me see the classes in my module, though not
within a package (Is that what you mean)?  You'd probably have to
write a plugin to support pychecker or pylint though I believe that
its not too difficult.  Who knows?  Perhaps someone already has such a
plugin that you can use.

Gerald Britton

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