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I'll give the benefit of doubt and assume you're joking rather than



Not trolling, my friend!

GvR got it right when he discarded the superfluous semicolons from the ends 
of statements--and then he ADDS superfluous colons to the ends of control 
statements? It will probably be as much of a shock to you as it was to me 
when I learned after studying parsing that colons, semicolons, "then"'s and 
"do"'s, etc.,  are simply noise tokens that serve no purpose except to 
clutter up the source.

As for enforced indentation, back in the late 60's when I was a programming 
newbie I remember thinking how cool it would be to just indent the 
statements controlled by for loops (we didn't have none of them fancy while 
loops in FORTRAN back then! :-) )  Not too long after that I saw the havoc 
that a buggy editor could wreak on nicely-formatted source. :-( Formatting 
held hostage to a significant, invisible whitespace char? An inevitable 
accident waiting to happen! Not good, Guido; not good at all.

That'll do for starters. :-)

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