darnzen darnzen at gmail.com
Sat Feb 6 06:05:53 CET 2010

I've written an app using the wck library (widget construction kit,
see http://www.effbot.org), in addition to the wckGraph module. What
I'd like to do, is take the output of one of my windows (happens to be
a graph), and save it as a *.png or *.gif. I was planning on using the
PIL for this. I'd like to use the code I have as is, without re-
writing all the graphic calls to use PIL methods.

WCK uses its own "pixmap" class for storing images in memory. I can't
find any documentation or class reference for pixmap and what I find
in the source is confusing.

Does anyone have any direct experience with these libraries that can
tell me that there's some super easy thing I'm missing? I'd love it if
the wck pixmap is compatible with PIL. I don't have the time to mess
with it unless I know its going to work.

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