Nobody nobody at nowhere.com
Sun Feb 7 05:19:20 CET 2010

On Fri, 05 Feb 2010 21:05:53 -0800, darnzen wrote:

> I've written an app using the wck library (widget construction kit,
> see http://www.effbot.org), in addition to the wckGraph module. What
> I'd like to do, is take the output of one of my windows (happens to be
> a graph), and save it as a *.png or *.gif. I was planning on using the
> PIL for this. I'd like to use the code I have as is, without re-
> writing all the graphic calls to use PIL methods.
> WCK uses its own "pixmap" class for storing images in memory. I can't
> find any documentation or class reference for pixmap and what I find
> in the source is confusing.

A WCK pixmap is a "draw object" whose underlying drawable is a pixmap
(i.e. a Tk pixmap, which is the platform's native "chunk of video memory"
pixmap type) rather than a window.

>From the source code, WCK doesn't appear to offer any way to retrieve the
pixel data (i.e. there's no way to do the opposite of draw.paste()).

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