python admin abuse complaint

Daniel Fetchinson fetchinson at
Sun Feb 7 13:57:13 CET 2010

>>> This is a short complaint on admin abuse on #python irc channel on
>> Let's see, you are complaining about getting banned from #python by
>> CROSS-POSTING between and comp.lang.lisp.  From my POV, that's
>> grounds for extending the IRC ban permanently.
> It certainly doesn't inspire any confidence that Xah's next trip to
> #python is likely to last much longer than the last.

Some humanity, please! If you look at the web page of the guy it
really strikes me as a poor bastard who deserves more pity than
bashing. IRC, newsgroups, email, web page, etc, these are the only
things that this guy is doing, if you take these things away from him
I don't know what will be left for him. Yes, he is annoying, yes, he
is trolling, but if this prevents him from jumping under the bus, then
I'd say let him do it. How many serial trolls are there on c.l.p? Not
many. The average troll should of course be kicked out from
everywhere, but guys like Xah are really rare and on humanitarian
grounds I think should be allowed to do their things. If you really
think about it the damage is not that great.

In medieval times 99% of crazy people (using a loose definition of
crazy) were either executed or tortured and executed, however, the one
lonely village clown or court clown was allowed to be crazy, he even
had a decent income from the king. I'm not suggesting a stipend for
Xah from the PSF :) but having a single c.l.p clown is tolerable if it
makes him happy.


Psss, psss, put it down! -

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