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Daniel Fetchinson fetchinson at
Sun Feb 7 15:11:41 CET 2010

>> LOL
>> pow(funny, sys.maxint)
> Yes, funny, but it overlooks the point that Xah is a nuisance to
> multiple communities, not just to ours, and quite often concurrently.

I don't think we need to worry about other communities or every
internet related problem. The only thing we need to make sure is that
c.l.p or the python community in general is friendly, tolerant,
healthy and perhaps shows a good example to other communities on how
to run a community, including how to handle problematic behavior.

> I'm all in favor of tolerance, but I'd like to see some evidence that
> rehabilitation is practical before the community has to tolerate too
> much of that kind of nonsense.

I don't think you get my point. Rehabilitation or cure is not the goal
here. A village clown or court clown never changed, never got cured,
never got reintroduced into the community as a 'normal' person. A
village clown is tolerated in the purest form of the word 'tolerance'
by nor wishing him to change. Let him be the clown, let everybody
accept him as such, including all the annoyance and weird behavior.
Hoping for someone to change is the same as assigning him to a
correctional facility.

I'd say let's designate a post Python Community Jester, or PCJ for
short, let's name Xah Lee the PCJ and make it clear that he can engage
in his activities on c.l.p and #python as he wishes without
retribution and fear, and nobody should really bother him. The only
people should do who don't like him is ignoring him. What is very
important is that there can be only one PCJ and everybody else with
objectionable behavior will be banned, blacklisted, etc. with the full
force of available methods.

This would I think send a very clear message to all other online
communities that the Python Community is able to think outside the
box, and is not afraid of taking unusual steps to maintain a healthy
community and is even able to incorporate revolutionary new tactics to
keep the community friendly and tolerant.


Psss, psss, put it down! -

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