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Daniel Fetchinson fetchinson at
Sun Feb 7 15:14:42 CET 2010

>>> LOL
>>> pow(funny, sys.maxint)
>> Yes, funny, but it overlooks the point that Xah is a nuisance to
>> multiple communities, not just to ours, and quite often concurrently.
> I don't think we need to worry about other communities or every
> internet related problem. The only thing we need to make sure is that
> c.l.p or the python community in general is friendly, tolerant,
> healthy and perhaps shows a good example to other communities on how
> to run a community, including how to handle problematic behavior.
>> I'm all in favor of tolerance, but I'd like to see some evidence that
>> rehabilitation is practical before the community has to tolerate too
>> much of that kind of nonsense.
> I don't think you get my point. Rehabilitation or cure is not the goal
> here. A village clown or court clown never changed, never got cured,
> never got reintroduced into the community as a 'normal' person. A
> village clown is tolerated in the purest form of the word 'tolerance'
> by nor wishing him to change. Let him be the clown, let everybody
> accept him as such, including all the annoyance and weird behavior.
> Hoping for someone to change is the same as assigning him to a
> correctional facility.
> I'd say let's designate a post Python Community Jester, or PCJ for
> short, let's name Xah Lee the PCJ and make it clear that he can engage
> in his activities on c.l.p and #python as he wishes without
> retribution and fear, and nobody should really bother him. The only
> people should do who don't like him is ignoring him. What is very
> important is that there can be only one PCJ and everybody else with
> objectionable behavior will be banned, blacklisted, etc. with the full
> force of available methods.
> This would I think send a very clear message to all other online
> communities that the Python Community is able to think outside the
> box, and is not afraid of taking unusual steps to maintain a healthy
> community and is even able to incorporate revolutionary new tactics to
> keep the community friendly and tolerant.

One more thing: if every online community (or only  programming
related newsgroup) would designate an XY Community Jester I believe
the relatively few number of serial trolls would all find their places
somewhere eventually. This approach would actually work and solve a
serious problem, as opposed to building more jails and more
correctional facilities.


Psss, psss, put it down! -

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